BEST VALUE – Annual Subscription with Guard Card Course

Unlimited Access to all Courses for 1 Year

Ideal for people entering the security industry.  Students are able to take all 40 hours of training for one low price.  This package provides students with unlimited access to all of our courses including all state required guard card courses.

Please note: This package is only available to Facebook Fans.

169 sale

California Guard Card Only Package

Complete the Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction courses so that you can apply for guard registration in the state of California.

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Individual Courses

Ideal for students who only need to complete refresher training.  Security officers in California are required to complete 8 hours of refresher courses every year to maintain their guard registration.


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Please Note: The prices listed above are for training courses only.  They do not include the state mandated fees or live scan fees.  For more information regarding state mandated fee requirements visit our State Requirements page.


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